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Profit Mission Control was created by Mat Trader in 2016 as a platform for sharing the journey, the know-how and the discipline required to transform a mediocre loosing trader to a fully successful and consistent profit maker in the stock market.  Profit Mission Control employs very systematic and optimized processes to find and share trade setups having a high probability of success.   The setups shared on this platform and other social media include a Launch List published two to five times a week and intraday trade alerts.  Weekly profit recaps are published here to track the overall performance of the Launch List and reflect on the execution of these trades.    

The trade setups are generated from specific market scanners developed and/or optimized by Mat Trader using Trade Ideas award winning software.  Intraday alerts originate from trading strategies that are back-tested and optimized periodically to maintain effectiveness.

Why the name “Profit Mission Control”?

We know it might be confusing, what does trading have to do with rocket launches and spaceships? On the surface nothing, but if you dig a little bit deeper you will find that trading in the stock market has so many similarities with launching a spacecraft on a mission to space, especially if the spacecraft is carrying human astronauts.

Traveling into space with the goal of safely reaching a specific destination is a very complex endeavor.  There are so many unknowns, so much potential but so much risk, and the slightest mistake can result in a disaster. 

Sounds familiar as a trader?launch pad

If you want to be successful in capturing profits consistently in the stock market, you should imagine yourself as an engineer sitting in front of a control room console overseeing the launch and flight of a space mission.  As a mission control engineer you will spend many hours before, during and after the mission:

  • Training
  • Planning
  • Operating controls
  • Managing risk
  • Monitoring the mission’s health, navigation and trajectory to destination
  • Executing critical decisions in flight
  • Staying calm and on top of your emotions
  • Evaluating, logging and reporting on the mission’s results

If you miss any of these steps you are setting up your mission for failure.   

So, do you get the connection? As a trader wanting to capture profit from the stock market you SHOULD spend many hours before, during and after a trade:

  • Training
  • Planning
  • Operating your trading platform
  • Managing risk
  • Monitoring the trade’s health, chart and profit and loss targets
  • Staying calm and on top of your emotions
  • Executing critical decisions during the trade
  • Evaluating, logging and reporting on the trade’s results

As you can see, there is a lot in common between being a trader and being an engineer in a mission control room. Plus thinking about yourself as a mission control engineer while trading is pretty cool, at least it is for us and that’s why we choose that name. 



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