Launch Watch List for September 5th, 2017

Submitted by Mat Trader on Sun, 09/03/2017 - 18:35

Hello everyone.  We hope you are having (had) a great Labor Day weekend.  While being a trader means that we "labor" every day of the week, it is important to go out and have some fun, recharge and reflect on your trades only to continue to train the trader's mindset.

We did an extended scan of the market and with three to four strong sessions, our scanners have picked quite a few potential launch candidates.  Word of caution of course. It was not an uneventful weekend, especially with North Korea testing a Hydrogen bomb sending shock waves (literally) and figuratively  around the world.  It is expected that this news and the possible tension could weigh in on the market and that strong bullish move towards the end of the week could fizzle and cause another reversal or test of the latest support.  So what does that all mean ? Well with so many picks on the long side, you will need to be careful as you enter these launches and stick carefully to the abort price.  In fact, it would be wise to capture profits early with taking a partial and riding the rest to either the full profit target or at entry.

So this week, we have two lists, one for stocks below $10 and one for those above $10.

Here are the stocks below $10. $FATE $NAO $PLPM $SB $CLMT $YUME $HTGM

And here is the list of stocks above $10: $TEN $EROS $SC $CLLS $GPI $SUN $SUPN $TGT $ENTG$RDNT $KRO $RH

Watch List